RPS provides a complete range of cost-effective solutions for the installation and upkeep of automatic weather stations for commercial and regional airports, local airstrips, offshore helideck systems, and related operations.

We currently operate 21 real-time meteorological sites and are the only company in Australia to provide automatic weather stations for both offshore and onshore aerodromes – satisfying safety, legal, and liability requirements, and meeting the Bureau of Meteorology prerequisites for the issue of METAR and TAFs for your location.

RPS are authorised under the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 regulation 120 (CAR120) and accredited through the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BoM) Meteorological Authority Office to offer CAR120-compliant services in the following areas:

  1. Equipment Installation and Maintenance:
  • Site surveys and metadata collection (for optimal operation and compliance)
  • Installation (low-cost, mid-range, high-end, or tailored systems that comply with all relevant standards)
  • Maintenance (regular service visits, sensor checks, re-calibration, and replacement)
  • Upgrades (replacement of ageing sensors, or bringing existing systems to full CAR120 compliance)
  1. Operations and Reporting:
  • Monitoring (continuous system monitoring and real-time data auditing/review)
  • Reporting (official NOTAM reporting of sensor failure, scheduled maintenance, and service restoration on your behalf)
  • Data provision (local displays, web-sites, systems integration, quality-control and reporting, and historical event analysis)
  1. Compliance and Documentation:
  • Metadata and record keeping (siting and sensor data, maintenance records)
  • Support for CAR120 compliance (expert assistance in gaining and maintaining CAR120 compliance for your site/system)
  • Fast CAR120 certification (cost-effective and immediate certification is available through RPS)
  • Documentation (assistance with exposition, quality, system metadata, and other required documentation and updates)
  • Audit Support (internal CAR120 audits, external audits by the BoM, and interfacing with CASA, BoM and MAO groups)
  1. Funding and Grant Applications:
  • Assistance in funding and grant requests (site data, surveys, expositions, technical specifications, briefings, and documentation)

The Metocean team at RPS have been providing real-time meteorological communications, hardware, software, and systems for over 40 years.

The RPS group also offer a range of consultancy, environmental, policy, and infrastructure services worldwide.