Ports & Harbours

RPS has been designing, supplying, commissioning and maintaining Port Monitoring Systems since the early 1980’s for ports and harbours in Australia and South East Asia.

Port Monitoring Systems measure meteorological and oceanographic conditions including tides, winds, currents and waves with options for additional meteorological parameters such as air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, etc.

Information presentation is tailored to suit the specific needs of a particular facility, and enable improved decision-making on vessel handling and port operations, with consequent improvements in efficiency, utilisation and safety.

The RPS Port Monitoring Systems comprise:

  • RETWAC (Real Time Wave and Currents) system. This complete package provides Directional Wave Height and Period data for sea and swell wave, profiled Current Speed and Direction (from near seabed to near surface), Tide Height, Wind Speed and Direction and Barometric Pressure.
  • SBM (Single Birth Mooring) – Hawser Load and Buoy Motion monitoring
  • ROWS (Rows Offshore Warning System). This system provides measurement of open ocean meteorological and oceanographic conditions using offshore moored buoys positioned up to several hundred kilometres from the port.

RPS is able to provide Hydrodynamic Modelling services to Ports and Harbours, that allow the evaluation of new harbour design and the assessment of impact on siltation rates, flushing, tidal flows and consequential dredging requirements.