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Field WorkRPS MetOcean (MetOcean) is a leading consultancy providing oceanographic and meteorological services in support of coastal and ocean engineering and environmental protection.

Through established links with affiliated companies, MetOcean has access to a powerful source of global information, and is world-renowned for its depth of experience and breadth of capability.

Our major focus is on physical oceanography, supplemented by strong resources in marine and local, land-based meteorology. We have more than 25 years experience in the collection, analysis, interpretation and application of metocean data.

Our core business activities are:

all of which are described in the following pages. These activities, and the functions within them, are available individually, or as part of a package tailored to the client’s needs.

The unique strength of MetOcean lies in our outstanding expertise across all the above business activities. We pay particular attention to providing information and advice in a form which is easy to use and comprehend, avoiding the problems associated with subsequent application or interpretation.

Our capabilities are founded on a large and diverse range of oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation, sophisticated computing facilities and an extensive suite of well-proven software. We place special emphasis on the quality control and preservation of data.

Our staff of over 40 people are of high calibre, with skills ranging across ocean and environmental engineering,
electronics, computing and mathematics, numerical modelling, data analyses, technical reporting and project management. Our low staff turnover rate ensures that a very strong experience base is retained within the company.

Where necessary, we supplement our skills via wellestablished liaison with peripheral coastal engineering and environmental consultancies. Since the mid-70s, our company’s business has evolved to serve the demanding needs of the expanding offshore oil and gas industry, and the mining industry. Our client base includes most major international oil companies and Australian mining companies, associated engineering and shipping companies, and many government authorities and research institutions.

Our commitment to industry has been demonstrated by our readiness to undertake substantial work programmes prior to commitment from industry.

Commensurate with industry requirements, MetOcean has in place a Quality Management System and an active Occupational Health and Safety policy.

Through investment in MetOcean’s consultancy services, our clients consistently enjoy substantial returns through reduced costs, increased utilization of facilities and improved levels of safety.