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HSE & Quality Assurance

RPS MetOcean (MetOcean) are committed to providing a safe and healthy work place for all staff and subcontractors. To achieve this commitment , MetOcean Management have implemented a comprehensive and proactive occupational Health , Safety and Environmental Management System which includes accident prevention , hazard control and removal , health preservation , the promotion of well being of staff , and the protection of the environment.

MetOcean Management recognises the importance of a stress-free environment in the work place , and that contented employees promote safety , client satisfaction and productivity.

MetOcean Management are ultimately responsible for health and safety within the working environment. However , all staff are expected to actively encourage the creation of a safe and healthy work place , as well as observe the established work practices and policies designed to minimise accidents and injury. MetOcean Management also seek to encourage the same attitudes in the home environment.

MetOcean Management recognises the need for continuous improvement in regard to health and safety. This is achieved through active promotion of Health and Safety by Management , an energetic Health and Safety Committee and encouragement of Incident and Hazard report writing by employees at all levels.

The ultimate goal of MetOcean Management is zero Lost Time Injuries and zero environmental incidents.