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Our core business activities are:

Oceanographic Measurements

Oceanographic measurements are the foundation of our business. Measurements are used to corroborate theory, identify and quantify physical processes, and to calibrate/verify numerical models of atmospheric forcing and ocean response. Resulting information can then be applied to operational planning or facility design.

We maintain a large inventory of sophisticated field instrumentation, including acoustic releases, tide gauges, ADCPs, current meters, temperature loggers, CTDs, wave buoys and buoymounted meteorological stations.



Coastal & Ocean Engineering

MetOcean’s breadth of oceanographic capability allows us to integrate all facets of measurements, numerical modelling, data sourcing and analysis to provide metocean criteria which strike a balance between cost and safety, whilst ensuring efficient and reliable performance of marine facilities.

MetOcean sets industry standards for the determination of engineering criteria for every kind of marine operation, including:

Frontier Drilling, Production Facilities (platforms, FPSOs, TLPs); Pipelines and Subsea completions; Port and Harbour Facilities; Offshore Installations; and Ocean Tows.


Metocean Monitoring Systems

MetOcean has been designing, manufacturing and installing land-based and offshore environmental monitoring systems since 1978. Our custom-designed systems provide real-time measurement of operational conditions on offshore exploration and production facilities such as platforms, FPSOs, SBMs and drilling rigs, as well as onshore facilities such as LNG plants, berthing facilities, harbours and mine sites.

Parameters measured include wind, waves, currents, tides and mooring tensions, in addition to vessel and structural motions. Typically, the results are used to assist on-site decision making and to provide ongoing corroboration of design estimates.



Sedimentary Studies

SedimentUnderstanding the nature and dynamics of the sea bed is fundamental to understanding the function of marine systems.  We can use oceanographic and sedimentary measurements to assess modern sedimentary dynamics, and place the data into their longer-term context, to provide information on natural variations and potential developmental impacts. 

Our instrumentation includes Australia’s largest stock of field-deployable in-situ laser particle sizers and settling columns, capable of providing world-leading time-series data on sedimentary processes. Necessarily, we can support these measurements with contemporaneous wave, tide and current monitoring.  Our expertise in marine sedimentology and sediment transport can thus contribute towards operational planning and engineering design, and can support the design of environmental monitoring programmes and other environmental studies.


Environmental Consultancy

Environmental protection is recognised by industry and regulatory authorities as being of prime importance in any resource development project.

MetOcean can provide assistance in the areas of:


Data Management

MetOcean has developed a sophisticated system for the management and preservation of a most valuable resource – your data.

Strict attention to well-documented data handling and quality control procedures ensures data accuracy and reliability, and auditability at all levels of data processing, editing, analysis, presentation and archiving.