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MetOcean use the MC-7000 Data Acquisition and Monitoring System as the basis for meteorological data acquisistion on oceanographic measurement programs.

MC 7000

The MC-7000 has been designed using the latest in high speed, low power embedded microprocessor and Erasable Programmable Logic Device technology. Using a unique combination of both hardware and software a data logging systems has been created to provide the user with total flexibility.

The MC7000 has been customised for Meteorological Syustems and due to its inherent flexibility can be easily adapted to almost any application or sensor. It is also LAN compatible and can be used to display real time data with a PC and MetOcean Met Measure Software.

Data can be logged at extremely high sample rates on internal flashcards and be transmitted via radio, mobile phone and satellite links.

The MC-7000 can be set up as a self contained meteorological station on a MetOcean Met Buoy or as a platform or onshore installation with a mast for the suite of sensors.

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For a print friendly version of the MC-7000 Brochure click here.

MetOcean Met Measure SoftwareMet Measure

MetOcean's Mteeorological Display Software "Met Measure" is a fully Windows compatable display and archiving software suite for a range of meteorological parameters.

For a print friendly version of the Met Measure Brochure click here.

MetOcean Met Buoy

MetOcean Meteorological Buoy incorporates 2 totally independent MC7000 Data Acquisition and Monitoring Systems each equipped with

Data are logged internally to flashcard by the MC7000 on both stations whilst the primary station transmits data via Argos satellite.

The MetOcean meteorological buoy can also be customised to include a wide range of sensors, sampling regimes and data telemetry options.

For a print friendly version of the MetOcean Meteorological Buoy Brochure click here.