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A key component of the coastal / ocean division within RPS MetOcean is the requirement to model the erosion and eposition of sediments with the coastal environment. Sediment erosion and deposition is critical for cost effective solutions for proposed port and harbour developments. By applying RPS MetOcean sediment modelling capability it may be demonstrated that significant project cost reduction may be achieved through reduced dredging programes.

The sediment transport models are often applied using coupled ware and hydrodynamic modules. The wave climate is generally used for the sediment erosion, while the hydrodynamic modules are used to transport the sediment. The result is an accurate and effective deposition map of the region which may be used in environmental impact studies and dredging operations.

RPS MetOcean suite of numerical models allow for:

Numerical Modelling Brochure (pdf)

Below please find example animation of modelled output.

Sediment accumulation in a harbour.